Indice bio-bibliografico degli scacchsiti attivi in Sicilia (1500-1970)




Unser italienisches Mitglied Santo Daniele Spina hat nun ein neues Buch vorgelegt, das im Selbstverlag erschienen ist und bei ihm bestellt werden kann:
Indice Biobibliografico degli scacchisti attivi in Sicilia (1500-1970)
– 141 S., Preis: 25 Euro
Zu bestellen bei: Santo Spina, Via Etnea 25.

Der Autor hat uns weitere Informationen zum Buch geliefert:

This contribution (141 pp.), the fruit of years of patient research work, arose out of the idea of providing a quick, efficient reference tool – namely, a bio-bibliographic index of the chess players who were active in Sicily from 1500 to 1970 – to both non-specialist enthusiasts as well as to scholars specializing in the history of chess.

The key parameter that I adopted is defined by documented chess activities in Sicily, regardless of birthplace of the chess player. This criterion explains the inclusion in the index of Sicilian chess players, of players who are Italian but not Sicilian, as well as foreigners who reside, either for a limited period of time or permanently, in Sicily.

Each entry schematically presents the following data: 1. family name and first name; 2. place and date of birth and death; 3. location of chess activity and chronology; 4. brief description of the chess player (table or correspondence player, problemist, problem and study solver, contributor to chess journals, columnist, positions held in local chess circle, membership in the Italian Chess Union (U.S.I.) or in Italian Chess Federation (F.S.I.) or in Italian Correspondence Chess Association (A.S.I.G.C.); 5. bibliography references in chronological order up to documented chess activities until 1970.

Entries associated with an extensive bibliography have been kept to a minimum and only present information that refers to a detailed bibliography already cited in previous publications, along with newly appearing bibliographic items to complete the record. On the other hand, entries that have never before received an exhaustive bibliographic treatment are covered thoroughly.

This reference work, that is a chronological adjournment of Bio-bibliographic Index of Chess Players Active in Sicily (1500-1959) in Scacchi e Scienze Applicate, fasc. 24 (2004), Venezia 2005 and of Bio-bibliographic Index of Chess Players Active in Sicily (1960-1969) in SSA, fasc. 25 (2005), Venezia 2006, could be extended in the future.

I hope that initiatives of this type can also be extended to other cities or regions of Italy for the progress of scientific studies dedicated to our national chess history.

The author would appreciate being notified regarding any inaccuracies or errors, since he is conscious of the impossibility of producing a work that is «perfect» and free of defects, notwithstanding his profuse and diligent zeal.

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